The Best Wallpaper Designs To Complement Your Bay Windows

Your bay windows are the focal point of your room, and as such, you want to design the rest of the area around your beautiful glass. If you want to add wallpaper to your room that won't take away from your bay windows, then use this guide to help you pick ideal designs.

Use stripes wisely

A striped pattern may be what you are after, but too bold or busy stripes can make your bay windows stand out like a sore thumb rather than the beautiful addition they are. If you love stripes, opt for a muted style in pastel hues, such as cream walls with gentle beige or dusty pink lines. This creates a soft appeal and allows your bay windows to remain the focal point in your room. 

Go floral

If your bay windows have large frames, then you can choose a bold floral pattern to help balance your windows in the room. Modern floral pattern for wallpaper include:

  • solid wallpaper in bold hues with white flower accents
  • metallic floral accents in maroon or navy colors
  • leaves and ferns instead of flower patterns
  • bird silhouettes entwined with flower patterns

If you want your room to appear more welcoming and bright, choose wallpaper colors in goldenrod, sky blue, or even a mint green. If you want a more dramatic appeal, opt for maroon, eggplant, navy, or even pewter hues with floral accents. Hold wallpaper samples up next to your bay windows to help you choose the right floral pattern for balancing your bay windows.

Go rustic brick

Modern bay windows contrasted with rustic brick wallpaper designs give your room an artistic, cozy appeal that is surprisingly pleasant to the eye. The trick is to choose brick wallpaper in a large block style in modern colors that brighten your room rather than make it feel closed in and old-fashioned. You can't go wrong with mint green brick-style wallpaper or a classic pearly white to make your room appear rustic in the most contemporary of ways. This wallpaper is especially effective if you have wooden floors in addition to beautiful bay windows.

When wallpapering your home, you want your bay windows to still be the focal point of your rooms. In choosing lovely modern floral patterns, delicate stripes, or even a brick pattern, you can make sure that your bay windows are still the most-noticed area of the room while still having beautiful walls that express your personality best. Contact a business, such as European Glass & Paint Co Ltd, for more information.